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The Man Who Sang For God

The Man Who Sang For God

Sirakazhi Govindarajan, often known as Vengalakuralon, was a well-known Tamil vocalist with a golden voice who’s revered by hundreds of thousands over the world as a maestro of Indian Classical, Devotional, and Film music, with a outstanding voice and tonal purity.

Apart from that, Sirakazhi can be a outstanding humanitarian. His songs had a definite flavour, which his admirers affectionately nonetheless discuss with as “Sirkali’s songs”. The vocalist has hundreds of songs that contribute to the honour of Indian music.

Interestingly, Sirkazhi started his journey as an actor. He would take part in plays during his school days. But his singing made him in school. While he was performing in various plays, his uncle BS Chettiar was working as Ellis R Duncan’s assistant director. He is the one who introduced Sirkazhi to the world of films.

Sirkazhi Govindarajan began his career with Modern Theaters. He then went on to study at the Chennai College of Music and graduated as a musician in 1949.

Sirkazhi’s debut solo feature was Sirupputhaan Varugudhaiyya for the movie Ponvayal in 1954. According to sources, Sirkazhi’s master used to advise him to sing in as many films as possible while simultaneously taking care not to dishonour the heavenly music he taught him.

And Sirkazhi followed his guru’s instructions to the letter. According to The Hindu, violinist Sikkil Bhaskaran stated that the first hour of a Sirkazhi performance would always be dedicated to Trinity compositions, the next to Tamil songs, and the final to devotionals from movies.

T.R. Paappa composed the majority of the devotional songs credited to Sirkazhi’s account. According to A.V.M. Saravanan, as cited by The Hindu, “Sirkazhi’s singing was weighty, and the other prominent singer who first sang along with Sirkazhi couldn’t rival his singing.”

Sirkazhi was normally requested why he didn’t sing for heroes. “I sing about these heroes,” he’d explain, pointing to images of deities. And even after his unfortunate demise on March 24, 1988, at the age of 55, Sirkazhi’s songs keep him alive with us.

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