Home movies Mandira Bedi Shares She Had Stopped Praying for a While, Did Not Have a Grip Over Her Emotions

Mandira Bedi Shares She Had Stopped Praying for a While, Did Not Have a Grip Over Her Emotions

Mandira Bedi Shares She Had Stopped Praying for a While, Did Not Have a Grip Over Her Emotions

The final 12 months has been extraordinarily robust on actress Mandira Bedi as she misplaced her husband Raj Kaushal to a cardiac arrest. She was attempting laborious to get again to regular life and spend tie along with her two children. In a latest interview with ETimes, the actress and tv presenter opened her coronary heart and spoke about her work, her children and the way she had stopped praying at one level. Speaking about what offers her the internal energy to place up optimistic posts, Bedi expressed that she doesn’t take into account social media as a spot of negativity. “I discover a piece of paper, write out what I need, color right it and put it out. I’m work in progress, beginning another time. I feel it’s by no means too late to start once more or purchase information about something. It motivates me after I put such stuff out,” she explained.

When the publication asked her whether she questioned God, she revealed that she had stopped praying at one point but never questioned the almighty.

“Things have happened in my life unexpectedly or haven’t gone the way we wanted. In that too, there is some grace and God’s plan. I did take a break from prayer but now I bow my head- right from morning when I open my eyes to the lunch that comes in my plate to everything. I don’t believe in : Why this is happening to me? Or, why me? I had no choice but to be strong. I had no choice but to give a positive, happy and loving home to my kids. I had a lot of anger and negativity in my life. I have done all therapies to calm myself. I have worked so hard to get to that place, so now it takes a lot to derail me. Hereon, my path is to keep my kids and myself going,” she informed the publication.

Talking of the negativity that had engulfed her life, she continued, “I had been very busy, in need of sleep. I hadn’t appeared on the brighter facet of life. Even workwise, the lows used to depress me. I used to be wanting over my shoulder that my profession goes to recover from. I didn’t have a grip over my feelings. But now, I can take a second and take inventory of the scenario.”

She said that she has now come to the realisation that no one is in control of their situations in life but can be responsible for the way they react to those situations.

Raj Kaushal breathed his last on July 1, last year after a heart attack. Several B-Town actors had paid their last respect to the filmmaker. Mandira is still coping with the loss and is also essaying the role of both mother and father to her and Raj’s children – Vir and Tara. The couple tied the knot in 1999.

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