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How a lot does Solar Panel Installation Cost in India, 2022

How a lot does Solar Panel Installation Cost in India, 2022


You at all times hear about points associated to Solar panels like its efficiency, shadow issues, or break down of the panel. In this weblog, we are going to share necessary info relating to the set up of a photo voltaic panel. Many skilled installers recommend that if a photo voltaic panel doesn’t put in correctly, you might face too many points inside a number of days, months, or years.

Let’s see tips on how to do the best quality solar panel installation which can reside for a very long time and supply you a long run profit. Before this, we are going to focus on the categories and major parts of a Solar System.

What is a Solar Energy System?

Solar Energy System consists of 4 major parts that determine the working of a photo voltaic power system.

  • Solar Panel
  • Solar Inverter
  • Solar Battery
  • Panel Stand, and
  • Solar Panel Installation Accessories

Solar Energy Systems are of various sorts and can be utilized as per your wants and placement. The 2 kinds of Solar Energy System are:

  • Solar Panel with Battery (Off Grid Solar System)
  • Solar Panel with out Battery (On Grid Solar System)

Note: A Solar inverter is the principle element of each the methods. While we set up a photo voltaic power system, we typically purchase the next merchandise:

#1. Solar Panel

solar panel

A Solar panel is the first element of a photo voltaic power system. It is used to transform daylight into electrical energy.

#2. Solar Inverter

solar inverter

A Solar inverter is the central element of a photo voltaic power system that converts DC into AC.

#3. Solar Battery

solar battery

Solar battery is the facility storing element that shops electrical energy and runs hundreds because the grid powers off.

#4. Solar Charge Controller

solar panel charge controller

Solar Charge Controller is the converters that convert regular inverter into the photo voltaic inverter.

#5. Panel Stand

solar panel stand

Solar Panel Stand is the balancing system that fixes photo voltaic panels on the rooftop and protects the photo voltaic panels from excessive blowing wind, animal assault, and so forth. It supplies a correct angle to the photo voltaic panels.

Installation Accessories:

There are many small and main parts are utilizing in photo voltaic panel set up. We will information you one after the other.

#6. ACDB

acdb box

ACDB protects photo voltaic inverter from the AC present facet. It is usually used with a grid-tie photo voltaic inverter.

#7. DCDB

dcdb box

DCDB protects photo voltaic panels from DC currents facet. It is usually used with an off-grid photo voltaic inverter in addition to a grid-tie photo voltaic inverter.

#8. Lighting Arrester


Lighting Arrester (LA) protects photo voltaic panels and different electrical home equipment from thundering. It is used with the off-grid in addition to a grid-tie photo voltaic inverter.

#9. DC Wiredcwire

It ought to be in PVC Pipe (of lower than 3kW) and Cable Tray (of 3kW and above)

#10. AC Wire

ac wire

AC Wire is used for connection inverter with grid energy and residential hundreds.

#11. MC4 Connectors

mc4 connector

MC4 Connector is crucial element in a photo voltaic power system. It is used to attach DC wire with photo voltaic panels.

#12. Wire Thimbles

wire thimbles

Wire thimbles are product of steel supplies that tighten the wire (DC & AC Wire) correctly.

#13. Earthing Kit

earthing kit

It is completed for 6ft. to 10ft.

1kW to 3kW: It is completed with 2 earthing. One is for Inverter, and the opposite is for Lighting Arrester (LA).

Above 3kW: It is supported by 3 earthing. One for Inverter, one for Lighting Arrester, and the final one is for PV Modules.

Solar Panel Installer Tools

solar panel installation tools

Here is the checklist of instruments utilized by the installer in the course of the set up course of.

#1. Hammer
#2. Spanner
#3. Goti Set
#4. Farma (Used for making base)
#5. Pliers
#6. Tester
#7. Screw Driver
#8. Grinder
#9. Drill Machine
#10. Pouching Machine
#11. Still Wire
#12. Clamp Meter
#13. Measurement Tape
#14. Water Level
#15. Electrical Tape
#16. Ladder
#17. Cable Tie (used to tie wires with panel stand and exiting wires)
#18. PVC Pipe
#19. Thimbles
#20. Wire Cutter

engineer visit for solar panel installation

Solar Panel Installation Cost in India, 2022

Standard fee of photo voltaic panel set up is approx. Rs. 7 per watt. The additional citation could be described as:

 System Size Cost Per Watt (in Rs.)
1kW ₹ 7,000
2kW ₹ 14,000
3kW ₹ 21,000
4kW ₹ 28,000
5kW ₹ 35,000
6kW ₹ 42,000
7kW ₹ 49,000
8kW ₹ 56,000
9kW ₹ 63,000
10kW ₹ 70,000

Scope of Solar Installers

We guarantee a wholesome set up for our shoppers. We will help within the following processes:

  1. Site Survey
  2. Panel Stand Installation
  3. Solar Panel Connection
  4. Civil Work
  5. Panel Wiring
  6. Battery Connection
  7. Inverter Connection
  8. Earthing Kit Installation
  9. Cleaning
  10. 1 Year Service Warranty

Any Additional Charges

The shoppers are required to pay sure further costs for the set up course of. This could also be from Rs. 1500 to 2000 for inner wiring connection. AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) is Rs. 10,000 yearly per kilowatt.

List of Solar Panel Installer in India

Solar Panel set up is required to be performed by an skilled installer to offer lengthy life to the photo voltaic panel. Loom Solar has an inventory of specialists who’re skilled and skilled on this subject. We have skilled installers who’ve efficiently put in on many websites each in off-grid and on-grid methods. Let’s know a number of of them right here on this weblog.

#1. Ramji Pal from Delhi NCR

ramji pal


Mr. Pal is an skilled installer with an expertise of 2-3 years with Loom Solar. He has efficiently put in over 50 methods till now. He has been awarded a fantastic appreciation from the shoppers. He works on each off-grid and on-grid platforms.

See more…

#2. Khalsa Electrical at Uttarakhand

Khalsa Electrical experience in home wiring with a passable service of a few years. They have efficiently put in 3-5 websites of photo voltaic power plant.

#3. Rajiv Patra from West Bengal

rajiv patra

Mr. Patra is a distributor for Loom Solar with an expertise of 1-2 years. He is an skilled installer and installs a minimal of 10-12 websites per yr.

See more…

#4. Konark Solar at Bangalore

konark solar

Mr. Solar is an skilled installer with expertise in off-grid and on-grid set up. He had put in many small models and had efficiently put in 10-12 websites until now.

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#5. Nitin Kanojiya from Faizabad, Ayodhya

Faizabad Ayodhya

In the areas of Faizabad, Mr. Nitin has efficiently put in a photo voltaic power system on sheds and terrace. He is an skilled of off-grid and on-grid set up.

#7. Parminder Singh Saini at Hoshiarpur and Punjab

parminder singh saini

In the areas of Hoshiarpur and Punjab, Mr. Saini is serving as a profitable distributor of Loom Solar. He has put in over 15-20 websites previously 2 years.

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#9. Mr. Pradeep Kumar from Shikohabad

pradeep kumar

Mr. Kumar is the installer for Loom Solar and has efficiently put in many websites through the years.

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#10. Sandeep Kumar Mishra from Chhattisgarh

rakdhe krishana

Mr. Sandeep Kumar is a well known photo voltaic panel distributor in addition to installer working within the areas of Bilaspur and is a devoted and skilled installer.


engineer visit for solar panel installation

Solar Energy System set up is a vital course of and it’s useful solely when performed by the specialists. Loom Solar supplies you full skilled help for set up of your Solar Energy System. If you want to set up a photo voltaic panel, contact a skilled installer to make sure an extended life in your lengthy life to your photo voltaic panel.

Loom Solar supplies a variety of Solar Energy Systems with all kinds of merchandise. For correct Installation of Solar power system, it’s essential to contact a skilled installer and get all the mandatory merchandise.



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