Home Cricket Brian Lara Disagrees With Ravichandran Ashwin Over MCC’s Mankad Move

Brian Lara Disagrees With Ravichandran Ashwin Over MCC’s Mankad Move

Brian Lara Disagrees With Ravichandran Ashwin Over MCC’s Mankad Move

Recently the MCC made some modifications within the guidelines of the sport. Among them was one tweak which noticed the Mankad getting legitimised. Yes, operating out the non-striker was moved from ‘unfair play’ to legislation 38. This transfer happy India off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin who himself had deployed towards Jos Buttler in IPL 2019. But Stuart Broad has come out criticising the MCC on this regard. Also within the opposition is West Indies nice Brian Lara.

“I still feel it is not in the spirit of the game,” Lara advised Sportstar when requested about his ideas on the MCC ruling.

Earlier Ashwin tried and satisfied his fellow bowlers on this concern, saying not operating out a non-striker would possibly trigger them closely.

“My dear fellow bowlers, please understand. The extra step the non-striker is taking might end up destroying your entire career,” Ashwin, who had ignited a debate about the tactic’s legitimacy by dismissing England’s Jos Buttler in an Indian Premier League match in 2019, said in a Youtube video.

“If the non-striker ends up on strike because of that extra step he is taking, he might smash a six. Whereas the current striker might have gotten out. If you take a wicket, you will grow in your career, whereas if you are smashed for a six, your career may go downwards. So the impact is huge,” Ashwin additional stated.

Having faced criticism all these years for his controversial bowler’s end run-out of Buttler, Ashwin hoped people would stop ridiculing him now, especially now that he has become a teammate of the English allrounder at the Rajasthan Royals.

“During my school days, if a guy was interested in a girl, their friends would shout the guy’s name when the girl passed by. Likewise when I’m playing, the crowd is shouting ‘Buttler, Buttler’ when they see me. Why do you guys do that? We are now teammates, guys.

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