Top ups/inverter brands for home in India. Best Inverter to buy India with low Budget. Full buying Guide.

To keep your life always under light, you need a good inverter. But which inverter is Best? how to select top home inverter in india?

There are 3 ways to decide the same- First is you can see online reviews and buy the products. But online reviews are mostly fake. Second, you can buy an inverter from the shop which the shopkeeper’s choice, no matter which inverter it is.

Third is to read this without skipping and then you will be able to buy the best inverter and battery combination for yourself. Hello friends, welcome to JazzTrend. Today I’ll tell you the best in India.

I’d like to tell 5 important points about inverters which are essential for you. There are 2 major types of inverter- the square type inverter.
These are old inverters but are available even today. These are best for lights and fans. But appliances like inverter refrigerators cannot be used on this inverter. These are bit noisy and they start after 1-2 seconds of a power cut. Meanwhile laptops or appliances might shut down and it hampers the work. The other is Sine type inverter which are the most popular inverters.
They are a bit costlier than square type inverters. Lights, fans and appliances can be operated on them. These are the best for inverter refrigerators. They have lower noise levels. They start working immediately after the power cut. These are the best
inverters for laptops and computers as they work as an UPS. Now let’s talk about its types. If there are less power cuts in your area and you do not need more backups then 12V inverter is apt. But for longer and more often power cuts and for more backup, 24V inverters are apt. Battery gives the power backups, and not inverter. Inverter supplies charge to battery and battery supplies power to your house after a power cut. Let’s learn about batteries.There are 2 major types of batteries.
First are flat plate batteries which are inexpensive, easy to maintain, are short and they are good only for short power cuts but are viable for more often power cuts as they get charged fast. Second are the tubular batteries which are bigger in size, are
expensive, have higher warranties and take longer time to charge. Buy these for longer power cuts but not much often power cuts so that you get power for longer hours. Now comes the efficiency of inverters. No inverter operates with 100% efficiency.
Inverters take bigger inputs and give smaller outputs. If an inverter works with 75% efficiency and consumes 500W electricity, then it gives 375W output. You get 375W power supply after 500W battery charge. The most important point is the jerk load. The jerk load is 25%.
If you want a 500W output, then you need to add 25% and now the actual output you need from your inverter is 625W.
Some people are disappointed with low output despite the fact that they don’t use much appliances. This is because of the wrong inverter and battery combination. A good inverter with good battery gives you this result. I have taken 500W output
which I need from an inverter but after adding 25% jerk load, the total output becomes 625W. If we use 100aH battery with 12V inverter, then we get 1 hour 55 min backup for 625W of output. If we use 150aH, then we get 2 hour 52 min backup. If we use
200aH battery, then we get 3 hour 50 min backup. This is the backup for 625W which is actually giving a 500W power supply. With less appliance usage, the duration increases.

Top ups/inverter brands for home in india

Number 5 in my list of best inverter 2021 is Luminous Zelio + 1100 with

756W power output and 85% efficiency (642W). It is an intelligent home UPS cum inverter with Eco/UPS mode, which means it will operate as square inverter on eco mode and will start 1 second after the power cut, which will save battery. But on UPS mode, it
gives break free operation, and you will not even realize when the power went off. It comes with app monitoring capabilities and therefore can be controlled with an app. There are many kinds of safety alarms. And the best feature is its bypass switch.
In case there is some issue with inverter, just switch on the bypass switch which will cut off the inverter and connect directly with main supply, which will save you from a major short circuit. It weighs approx 9Kg and has 2 years comprehensive warranty.
Now let’s talk about its pros and cons. According to everyone, its fan is noisy. But it is not that loud that it bothers you.
But the continuous noise can sometimes cause disturbance. the power supply is also constant.

Number 4 in my list of best inverter 2021 is V-Guard Prime 1150 with

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800W power output and 85% efficiency (680W). It is an intelligent home UPS cum inverter with high performance selection switch, using which you can operate you appliances for a longer time on inverter.
Battery Gravity Builder recharges even those cells of battery which gets completely discharged, and this will give you a little more output. The battery topping reminder will remind you the water levels.
The buzzer can be muted and you also get dual mode operation facility, which means it can be used both as a UPS and a square type inverter. It comes with a special inverter switch to connect it with inverter refrigerator.
It weighs 9Kg and has 2 years comprehensive warranty. Now let’s talk about its pros and cons. Its installation is not free and costs INR500. There is no bypass switch, which is a disappointment. A very good pro is that even after using it for a long time, it does not make any noise.
Mostly all inverters make some noise but not this. And this makes it a good pick in INR5800.

Number 3 in my list of best inverter 2021 is Microtek SEBz 100 UPS cum inverter with 760W power output and 80% efficiency (608W).

It is an intelligent home UPS cum inverter with a bypass switch. You can use this switch in case of any failure with inverter.
This will connect Home’s supply directly to the main supply. Battery Gravity Builder charges even those cells of battery which gets completely discharged, and this will enhance the output.
Another amazing feature is battery charging speed selection switch using which we can speed up the charging, just like the fast chargers of mobiles. In case of overload or short circuit, the protection mode will connect power supply with main supply by cutting off itself.
It is a light inverter and weighs 8Kg and has 2 years comprehensive warranty. Now let’s talk about its pros and cons. Some people have complained about its fans noise.
If we talk about pros then this the best value for money inverter according to me. It is an amazing inverter for INR4100.
The biggest pro of this inverter is that there is no humming sound unlike other inverters.

Number 2 in my list of best inverter 2021 is V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 S inverter with 800W power output and 85% efficiency (680W).

It is a smart inverter that comes with solar compatibility and uninterrupted power supply both during day and night because it runs on both- solar energy and battery.
It has a battery topping reminder and a turbo charge feature using which the battery can be charged 30% faster. Its holiday mode feature will stop charging battery if you are out and in turn save electricity. It has a mute buzzer option and emergency charging
mode which will let you charge your phone or powerbank using the USB even after the battery gets completely exhausted.
It weighs a bit more- 9.5Kg and has 2 years comprehensive warranty. Now let’s talk about its pros and cons which is same- its solar compatibility. Using solar panel this inverter gives only 500W output. But it is a pro since you get solar compatibility plus battery compatibility.
This inverter is slightly over prized as it costs INR 8800 but if you have a solar panel then this is your deal.

The best inverter of my list in 2021 is Luminous Zolt 1100

inverter with 756W power output and a whopping 94% efficiency (733W). It is an amazing inverter that comes with 32-bit DSP Processor which is responsible for its 94% efficiency. It comes with both UPS (Sine type inverter)/Eco (square type inverter) mode.
Its LCD panel has all types of safety alarms. It has a bypass switch which is a must now a days. It weighs 10Kg and has 2 years comprehensive warranty. Now let’s talk about its pros and cons.
According to some people, Luminous Zolt produces some noise on over-heating. This is the best value for money inverter as it costs INR4900 with 94% efficiency.
This is why this is one of the best inverters of 2021 according to me.
Thank you very much.

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