Start Your Own Solar Business In India

This article will be a great resource for you if you intend to launch a solar business in India. We’ll go through every significant factor that should be taken into account when beginning a solar business in this article.

Additionally, we’ll discuss the various solar industries in which you can launch your business, How to start a solar business in India, the prerequisites for doing so, and where to find the resources to meet them.

Three Sectors to Launch Your Solar Business

Let’s examine the various industries in which you might launch your solar business. Given that each industry has a different set of requirements, it is crucial to comprehend this.

1. Become A solar Product Seller

This requires investment because you need to buy the Solar products to resell , the land needed to set up the Store, the wages of the employees, etc.

2. The Marketing/Sales Sector
Skills and knowledge are more important than large investments in the marketing business. You ought to be adept at generating leads and turning them into clients.

3. Service Sector
Installation, repair, maintenance, etc. are all part of this industry. Because it involves work like installation and maintenance, you need to have expertise in solar energy and a team.

High Demand Products to Start Your Solar Business Journey With

Let’s look at some solar items that are in great demand now that we have an idea of the various solar industry sectors. If you look at these solar items, you might gain more understanding.

The three categories I’ve created are Solar Products, Solar Accessories, and Solar Appliances.

Solar Products

Solar Inverters and Panels
batterie solar
Solar charge regulators

Solar Accessories
Solar wires and cable structure for panels
MC4 connectors
Boxes for ACDB & DCDB
Thunder Arrestor
Earthing tool
a VFD that uses solar energy to directly power water pumps

Solar Appliances
Sunlight Sources (Street Light, Garden Light, Outdoor Light, Solar Torch, etc.)
Heater for Solar Water
Pump for Solar Water
Solar Fan

The purpose of reviewing these many solar product types is to help you realise that you can start a project with any small product. Instead of a significant solar product like solar panels, inverters, or batteries.

Innovative Indian Solar Business Ideas

Now that you are fully informed on the fundamentals, let’s examine how to launch a solar business.

Become a Solar Dealer

As I mentioned previously, this industry involves significant investment due to the need to build up a business and purchase products,

Additionally, you should consider marketing your solar products. Therefore, make sure you have contacts to sell your products.

Initial investment
Dealer : 25000 to 1 Lakh

space required
Dealer : dealer can work from home

Click this link for dealer registration- Dealer Registration

Become a solar distributor 

All different kinds of solar products, including panels, batteries, charge controllers, inverters, PCUs, etc., are produced by Loom Solar . You can purchase all of their items at a special discounted price.

However, there are several things you should be aware of before beginning. For instance, many major brands already have a network of solar dealers and distributors, To join as a Distributor, there is a franchise fee to join this network.

Initial investment
Distributer : 1 Lakh to 5 Lakh

Space required
Distributer : required shop and gst number

Click this link for Distributor Registration- Distributor Registration


For business inquiries,

To become a dealer, or distributor: Call 011-4013 0202.
Initial investment
Dealer: 25000 to 1 Lakh. Moreover, a dealer can work from home
Distributor: 1 Lakh to 5 Lakh. Moreover, the required shop and GST number

Become a Solar Seller

It’s similar to being a dealer or distributor in that you can resale as many things as you buy from a brand.

As I previously advised, pay attention to secondary solar products as well. These include ACDB, DCDB boxes, MC4 connectors, wires, and cables. You may discover plenty of producers who produce these secondary products.

Not to mention the weak dealer/distributor network these tiny manufacturers lack. You now have the chance to resell these goods.

Once the project is finished, a variety of aftermarket products will be required. For instance, you could clean a modest solar panel installation at your home in just one hour, while large projects with numerous solar panels put in them require more time. It will take a long time to clean all of these panels, and once he is finished, the panels will once more get dirty.

Get Solar Product Training

As was said before , skilled workers are needed by solar EPC businesses. As a result, you may begin learning about solar online.

You can even connect with us online to get complete Solar Training.

Additionally, as skilled personnel is required by solar EPC businesses, you can fill this shortage by establishing a solar employment agency.

There is a live session every Saturday from 10 am to 11 am.


India is seeing a solar boom thanks to its 300 sunny days per year average, and a large amount of rooftop space. Similar to the mobile phone revolution, India will experience a solar revolution during the next five years. With almost a billion people living in our nation, anything that takes off will undoubtedly be huge!

I hope this post has given you a better understanding of the various markets in which you might launch your solar business.



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